Once you receive a link from your Program's Administrator, alerting you of either a new Cost assigned or an Announcement, that will be the link you use to see your Student's Information Page.

You might want to save the link so that you can easily view this page, here's how...


For Android users:

For iPhone & iPad users:

Save to Home Screen

For iPhone & iPad users

For Android users:

  • Google Chrome Browser
    • To add a website to an Android home screen, click on the link in your text which will take you to the Student's Information Page. Then click on the drop down the menu by tapping the screen’s three dot icon at the top right-hand corner. Select "Add to Home" screen. PLEASE NOTE: that if the website has an app in the Play Store, the Add to Home screen option will be replaced by "Install app".

    • From there you can choose to edit the title of the icon, before clicking "Add".
    • If you go back to your screen you will see the bookmark, as well as the Chrome icon attached. (Which means you cannot switch the icon to another browser).

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